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In the middle of Stop This Train. ‘I want to tell you a story. I always think about my dad when I play this song. And God bless him, he’s still running around this crazy world. My dad is 81 years old, and he’s an historian of things that very few people are these days. I look at him like, half my beloved father and half like a library, you know, half like a public library, you know. And he carries a lot of information and a lot of experience, and I hope to some day be the kind of dude that he has been and is. But I’m playing this song, and I have this memory in my head, and I think it sort of sums up what parenting is, actually it sums up what true as love is. And it’s a story from when I was probably eighteen, or nineteen years old. And I was taking the bus to the airport to fly back to Atlanta, because I had visited home for a second. And also, you gotta understand my parents are educators, so it’s very difficult to tell them like yeah, I’m gonna be a rock star, you know. I didn’t use those words, I still don’t use those words. But it sort of gives this unadulterated love, like, ‘I don’t get it Johnny, but I love you, so you go. Apparently I’m getting phone calls from neighbors who say they’ve heard your music from their kids, I mean, something must be going on’. But my dad would drive me to the bus station, and in Connecticut they call it Connecticut limo. Does anybody else ever do this? They call it a limo and you go ‘oh we’re going on a limo ride?’ But no, they just shove you on a bus. But my dad puts me on the bus, and the bus windows are tinted. So I can only see him, he can’t see me. And he knows that he can’t see me. But he waves anyway, and he just keeps waving the whole time. And he knows he can’t see me. And I think that’s what love is, is waving even when you know they, that you can’t see that they’re seeing you, but you wave anyway. I just think it’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in my life’.

Just be fucking honest about how you feel about people while you’re alive. I think we have a real interesting, kind of debate or a real kind of introspection that we have to go through to figure out; What do people mean while they’re on this earth? Buddy Guy said his mom used to tell him ‘Don’t bring me flowers when I’m dead, bring them to me when I can smell them’, you know. Because one day you’re gonna be 80 years old, covered in liver spots, having people help us out of the chair while yelling at them ‘I can get myself out of this chair!’ and talking about the great times we had in life. Pain throws your heart to the ground, you know what I mean? Love turns the whole thing around. You know what I’m saying? Just get it off to people while they’re alive. Appreciate everything while you have it. – John Mayer (via cemawe)


‘It’s 2006, and I’ve written this song thinking about getting older, and cherishing the people that are around me while they’re still around me, and I got obsessed with it, right. So I thought that I was just gonna make a whole scene out of, like building my own memories, purposely doing things and planning these memories out so I could always remember them. So, I was making the Continuum album, and I travelled back to New York, and I had set up an entire day with New York Mets because my dad is a really big New York Mets fan. And so I thought, you know what? I’m gonna visualize this whole trip. I’m gonna get a whole signed jersey and a signed ball, and he’s gonna meet the team and then there I’ll be, sitting in the stands waving my pennant around with my dad, and we build that memory together. So I fly back to New York city and I come home, and I give my dad like -surprise, we’re going to Shea Stadium right, and it’s a cloudy day. It’s a cloudy day. So we’re getting in the car, we’re about to drive out of town and to Shea Stadium, and then all of a sudden I get this what they call an aura right before migraine, where all of a sudden you can’t see right. Like three quarters of your vision just disappears, right. Uh-oh, I’m gonna get a giant head ache. So all of a sudden I have to break it to my dad, ‘Dad, I’m about to have the biggest migraine of my life, I don’t think I can get to Shea Stadium’. And then, as soon as I said that, the skies break open! And it just starts pouring and thundering and lightning. And we didn’t get to Shea Stadium that day, and when I was laying back at home on my bed, really really disappointed, watching the rain fall, feeling my headache dissipate with every lightning crash as the humidity was disappearing, I heard God talk to me. Here’s what God said. God said; let me handle this. You just live your damn life. God didn’t say damn, I’m just peppering it up here. He said you will not build these memories, you just live your life and memories will happen, that’s why they’re called memories, you can’t plan them out. That’s why the best New Years Eve you ever had in your life was you staying home with your cat! So ever since then, I’ve just released my grip’


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